Private label

The story behind private label

Strong control over supply chain. With our wide range of long-lasting relationships with factories worldwide, we have access to all kinds of production capacities, including requested specifications and required delivery schedules.

Sockshouse has the opportunity to claim production spaces for you, our customer. Our different offices worldwide enable us to carry out audits correctly and in line with customer specifications.

Professional colleagues with many years of experience know how to handle most complicated QC demand, tests etc, all according to agreed requirements.

Experience in optimizing ROI by production flexibility. In-season re-order deliveries, adding new colors, producing test runs and scaling up fast. Optimizing risk management.

Strong in translating Fashion & Trends towards commercial successes by using available both national and international market- and sales trends.

Discover our private label possibilities

  • Designing, producing and selling socks is what keeps us busy day in and day out. We provide solutions for every occassion. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.
  • With our knowledge and expertise in the field of pantyhose (hosiery), we are able to develop and produce an optimal product. We obtain market information through our retail-owned laboratory, allowing us to maintain close contact with consumer behavior and stay informed about the latest product and market developments.
  • We produce underwear collections for various brands in different qualities, price ranges, and packaging options. We can speak of an established expertise in this area.


For clients

  • Own design department
  • Successful translation of fashion trends into trend-following collections for various target groups
  • Designing multiple collections per year
  • Efficient structure through an international sourcing team
  • Long-term partnerships with manufacturers and a strong control over the supply chain
  • Focus on retail
  • Balanced sales structure with own brands, labels, licensed brands, and private label
  • Focussed on creating a sustainable supply chain

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